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SURFSTAR Surfboards

The story begins in 2006 in the water park Alpamare in Bad Tölz, Germany.

The first board was born out of pure passion for the sport. In the end it was produced for the water park and custom boards were shaped for private customers.


That was a development over several years. In the beginning we called ourselves GIORGIOTUNES. The company name was changed to SURFSTAR in 2009.

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SURFSTAR Surfboards for Surfmaschines

Logo from 2009 - 2019






Logo up from 2020      

Full Design Boards

Customer wishes became more and more exclusive. Thus it came that from simple foil layouts the development went to "full design boards". Via Graphic-slide a photo could be realized on the top and bottom side.


At this point many thanks to our partner for the realisation of the board designs:

> Freaks of Fashion, Hamburg, Germany.


Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France

Through the website of SURFSTAR, other installations also became aware of us.

So we were very happy to win another plant in Germany as a customer, then another one from Italy, Holland and France.

In addition to the plant operators, also private customers came and ordered boards with their own design ideas.


300 handmade Surfboards for Surfmaschines left our workshop. In fiberglass construction we made the models MONKEY 40", DUGGY 42" and FIREANT 38".

The boards gone out to customers in Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, France and Russia.


Bodyboards were more demanded by the plant operators, because more guests did bodyboarding. So it came that we developed the bodyboard "TORO" and "TORO 4" and made a total of 800 pieces by hand.

Our "TORO" was sold to Germany, Italy, Holland and France.

Thank you!

Thanks to all SURFSTAR customers - they have made our work possible and helped to develop the product further.
It has been a great honour for us to manufacture the boards and it has been very fulfilling.
The individual materials from the beginning to the finished product at the end. The crowning glory was the satisfied customer.

Unfortunately we had to stop our production in 2015. The Alpamare water park in Bad Tölz, Germany, shut down in August 2015. We thereby lost a large customer and our workshop space.

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Production Time 2009 - 2015