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Artificial Wave Surfing / Flowboarding

Where to surf in the world promotes a few very good websites...

SURFSTAR.eu shows up the opportunities to surf in Europe - at artifical wave installations.


Our mission is - to tell where you can do flowboarding.

The right boards for it you find at our online-shop.

Check out artificial surf destinations in and around Europe:

Flowboarding means surfing on artificial waves. Learn more:

Flowboard & Bodyboard Shop

SURFSTAR´s History

We started in 2006 with shaping boards for surfmachines. Up from 2009 we call us SURFSTAR.

Our biggest customers were surf parks, our biggest passion were custom made boards.

Till 2015 we produced about 300 surf boards and 800 body boards and sold it across europe.


More and a view into our board galery check ABOUT US.