UBM Flowboards


UBM Flowboards is producing geniue handmade flowboards since 2018.

Optimal weight for the wave, reactive and goes with your flow.

The workshop is located in the heard of South Korea.


UBM Flowboards got customers from South Korea, Russia and Finland.

The installation "Surfingzone" in Osan, South Korea only use UBM Flowboards for commercial use.


UBM flowboards 38"

UBMflowboard 38" Zeus / black


Size: 38" inches


97cm high, 28cm wide, 1,7cm thick



Top side: black, Rail: grey, Underside: Grafic "Zeus"


UBM Flowboard specification:

anti slip soft top side, soft rail, rocker shape, handmade


Ready to ship and maybe in a few days in your hands.

UBMflowboard 38" Zeus / black

318,00 €

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