Surf Waves Tatralandia

In 2016 SURF WAVES opened in the Tatralandia Water Park. The park is centrally located in the Slovakian Mountains.
You can surf the whole year. Daily from 11 am to 20h.
Friday until 21h. Saturday 10/21h. Sunday 10/20h.



Ráztocká 21

031 05 Liptovský Mikuláš


Surfstar Location Report (02.2020)

The water park Tatralandia is the biggest in Slovakia. The nature with mountains and lakes is beautiful in that area.

Tatralandia has 28 water slides, thermal pools with hot water and pool bar, a spa area with sauna and two surf waves.
Right next to the water park there is a holiday village - "Holiday Village Tatralandia". Here you can stay in bungalows and have direct access to the water park.


The park has open all year round, and there are many families in the park.

You can eat very nice in the park. Coffee and snacks were offered and all good quality.






Bodyboarding is doing by many people and kids. Bodyboarding is always 20 minutes without registration.
Bodysurfing is done on one of the two surf waves. A surf instructor is everytime on the wave.


Flowboarding is done on the second surf wave.

Flowboarding is always 60 minutes.

For this you need a reservation at the "Info-Point" in the park or at the hotel reception.

A surf instructor is everytime on the wave.

Advanced Flowboarding at the "SURF NIGHTS"



The surf waves are all time shared. So you can not surf the whole wave. The share- tube in the middle of the wave only moves at the SURF NIGHT away.


The SURF NIGHT happens about one time a month.

Special long time 20.00h - 00.00h.


The dates for the SURF NIGHT please check at:

Some Impressions

Holiday village Tatralandia - Bungalows & Park access

There are normal bungalows and deluxe. Accommodation from 2 to 6 persons. Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Park access is possible directly from the Holiday Village. We enjoyed the time there very much and if you have any questions please write us a message.